YOU – Making of

Wittenberg gonna be crowded with people celebrating the reformation by Martin Luther in 2017. But for me, the people who are there at the moment are giving life to the city today. I would like to say “thank you” with the help of visitors.

How does it work?
I’m gonna install a binocular on the market place, hiding the ugly power distributor, which isstanding there. When someone is looking throught the binocular, a sensor will detect colours oftheir hair or their clothes. If he is wearing a black shirt like in the video, the built in processor will then select a different shirt colour (like green) to print it on a Coupon card. (Usually, a lot of Cafes or Restaurants are quite open to do marketing by giving free Coupons, maybe even more in context with that special event.)

Because of the not matching colour of you shirt, you can’t use it for yourself. You need to give it tosomeone else and by that, YOU can make their day and the people are in focus as well.There will be Coupons for 2 free drinks for example. Either you are giving it to a couple or you could even ask,if the person want’s do share the Coupon with you.

Anyway, they will be surprised and happy and maybe ask, if it is really for them. “Yes, for YOU“!


© Henning Steinle, Summer Semester 2015
Twitter: HenningSteinle

Story, Camera, Edit, Actor, Voiceover

Hermann Wolfram Klöckner