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All those measurements of time these days are linked with the clock, with days, hours, minutes and seconds. And we need time in order to be on time. But how about a visualisation without any numbers?

In our project time will tell I created a watchface for smartwatches without any numbers.

My idea was to show the user that there is still time in between meetings and that he can change his view on the visualisation of time to a more relaxing way without ever getting late for his appointments.

This visualisation is stress relieving because one can not constantly watch at those numbers moving and thinking about what is possible to begin in those short periods of waiting instead of just doing them.

The watchfaces background is a light cone wich enlights all future dates.

The dates that are shown are imported from the calender apps of the connected smartphone.

Appointments are visualized via ellipses in random colors.

Depending on the length of the appointment the size of the ellipse changes.

In case of forgetting what one ellipse stands for, click on it and the name of the appointment will appear on your screen.

With this watchface you only see within three hours. This helps you concentrate on what ist happening right now.



Veronika Kaiping, WiSe 2015/16


Prof. H. W. Klöckner