Hey peeps,

Dare to be different than all laid back game nowadays we (kevin, jos, and marian) are mentored by the Prof Herrman Wolframm Klöckner at the Anhalt University of Applied Science and decided to generate our game “Way Back Home” under the A0 enterprise in another way presenting in potrait format with enough playing display.

The “Way Back Home” was build up with the main point of the planet on the bottom of the display and the player as the alien in relative in the middle of the display. The screen composition put the background including some parallax star skies and moons which shown how many time is left and the foreground with the interactive gameplay together.

The “Way Back Home” is a game that the player himself helps the alien, a grey/green ball with 3 eyes and a tiny nimble tail as part of its body, going back home. It come off however onto another planet where it doesnt recently belong to and has to get to its family, friends and planet.

We kept the composition our display as simple, both in 2D and 3D somehow and yet colorful.

The “Way Back Home” was made as a whole of circuits and rectangles and was generated with the awesome Gamesalad Creator an authoring tool developed by GameSalad, Inc. aiming primarily at non-programmers for composing games in a drag-and-drop fashion and using visual editors and a behavior-based logic system.

The player as the alien is supposed to complete each level, in this game planets, by coping with every upcoming obstacles on each level such as by avoiding them. The obstacles are for instance on the earth mountains, rockets, clouds, and a lot varied obstacles on the following planets.

The climax of the way back home is so enormous. Before the player jump to the next level, the rotation of the planet will be increased; More obstacles will come towards you; the chance to avoid the will be decreased. So the player has to watch out what is to come.

There are 3 levels already generated for the “Way Back Home”. One planet resembles like our earth. Then a planet resembles the mars which is dusty. The last currently generated planet resembles the jupiter which is composed of gas, means the player cant stand still on the planet and has to dive into the planet for a limited time, unless its gonna be died on inhaling poisonous gas. All planets were colored by extracted color settings out of real pictures from earth, mars, jupiter and so on …

As soon as the player is on the game, the player will catch on the rule easily how the way back home on each level works.

Finally let´s take a closer look on the Making of Pictures …

So why are u still here.. go grab ur phone, download the game and help the alien going back home! have fun!