Sophie Borchert | 3. Semester | wilmalarum@gmail.com


We are living in a broad world, full of complex situations and a lot of input. Time is ticking by every step we take. A new chapter of our very own story is written every time we go to bad and close our eyes. Everyone tries to follow their path. The many choices we are able to make give us the freedom to change the direction of this path at any minute of our life. We are using modern technologies and by doing so we even create it´s next generation.…we can do anything.  All these choices make our world exciting but at the same time very complex, too. What am I gonna do today? What´s the plan for tomorrow? Which movie plays tonight in the cinema? Questions upon questions. These are the subjects of our daily organisation. I´m a person that likes to be spontaneous. ,,Tonight a flight to mexico?” ,,Ok, yes.”  It´s important for me to be free in my “time space”. As long as it´s possible, I do it. But…as free I would like to be, it´s difficult to organise my responsibilities and my needs. So, I have to think about a good system to organise my dates. It is iimportant to me that I bring together my wishes and responsibilities. When I plan my day I know that, on one hand, there are things that I would love to, things which make me happy. On the other hand there are things, which just need to be done. Often, my time management is not good at all. “Do I have time today to spent 2 hours in the climbing gym?”      I think I don´t have a clear overview of my dates. Timefriend gives me a clear view.

There is the date space… with all the dates. They are all together and connected to each other. You have to imagine its like a cloud with all your minds. You can push and move it at any time and and to any time of the day. At first, You write down your dates into the bubbles. Now, You have a summary of all your activities for today. Next, You organise your appointments in the time line. Drag the dates to the most convenient time spot in the time line. Done…this is your gameplan for today and you can overlook it at one glance. A sound reminds you of your dates.  If you can´t make it to one of your appointments, just drag it to another time or day. You can mark every appointment as “done”. If you can still manage to satisfy your needs perfectly between your responsibilities…. You will feel great! If you have the same date every week, You can set a loop.