When I was young I had so much time. Time for playing games, making jokes, writing stories and something else. I remember that sometimes I felt boring, because I had so much time. And today? Every day my subjective time experience is getting shorter. I am walking around and think about what should I do, what are my next steps, where I want to go to and what’s the vision of my life. Sometimes I am like a zombie because my mind is wandering somewhere else and if someone would ask me “What did you just do?” I couldn’t give them an answer because I only had some different thoughts. And that’s the reason why I designed the Installation “Time tunnel”.

Time tunnel shows you your directly past in a step of a few seconds. It is based on a processing Sketch. An external camera is loading into the sketch about the Video Library of the Processing foundation and with a capture event (a ring buffer) the time laps is controlled. The tunnel effect is created by the feedback of filming the projection again.

Time tunnel opens a new room of self experience because it creates an outside perspective of the users directly past. If you get involved into it, it can create the feeling of waking up, the feeling of ‘now’.


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