New cultural environments can be shocking, having connections makes it easier. We want to help young adults in dealing and adapting to changes in an easy and non-shocking ways. 

We want them to feel empowered to make appropriate decision with accurate information. We provide the necessary tools, information and contacts to help them grow and satisfy their different needs. 

Thrive is a ‘launchpad style’ app that aims to put the outer world in the hand of adventurous people and near their hearts. The User will experience an environment that allows them to grow and move from their basic to more complex needs. 

The User selects the ‘need’ they wish to fulfill, according to the pyramid of needs metaphor. In each ‘need’, the User will explore the ‘category’ where the specific need can be solved and select the appropriate item. After selecting an item from the ‘categories’, they will use a Mobile apps to access the necessary information.

Daniela Chavarría Aguilar & Fernanda Enrigue Venegas | MAID – Winter semester 16/17 | Prof. Hermann Klöckner