Thread of Life

Max Bach // visual artist
Don Winter // programming & SFX
Tim Bachmann // external programming

Prof. H. W. Klöckner





Thread of Life is a simulation survival game.
We want to simulate a realistic feeling of being a cast away.
Furthermore we want to show the difference between the fantastic dream of living on a tropical island far away from civilization and the hard destiny to be the last surviver of a plane crash.

One part is the crafting of new items and the survival in the wilderness.
The player has to collect resources like lumber and stones with which he will be able to craft tools for hunting like spears, arrows and bows.
His main quests after waking up on the island will be to get food and to find a warm place to sleep.

The second part is his psyche.
There are five steps a dying person is going through:

1) isolation
2) fury
3) negotiation
4) depression
5) acceptance

This doesn’t mean that the character will die but the psyche goes through the same steps in a desperate situation like this.

So we want to tell a story about what is happening with you, if you are a cast away and if you have to survive. How does it feel if you are dehydrated and what about your motor function if you are hungry and thirsty at 95°F?
We try to simulate all this points with sounds and visual effects. So you can hear the breathing and the heartbeat of your character and his view is blurring and shaking if he starts feeling dizzy.

Right now the game is still in the creation process. So we would be happy to delight more guys for helping us to build this game.