Clara Cristina Rêgo & Latika Nehra | Supervised by Prof. Hermann Klöckner

There is a growing number of mental illnesses linked to the use of social media. People suffer from depression and anxiety because, among other things, they feel helpless towards the problems of the world.

People want to do good but the complexity makes it difficult. There is bad news but there are equal amount of good initiatives online. As the link that makes it easy to take action is missing, the idea for The Daily Karma was born.

The Daily Karma is an active newsreader, on which the user is connected to non-profit initiatives directly related to the news they’re reading.  Taking action is made easier by our flat rate payment method: The user defines the amount of money they want to donate monthly, and this money is divided equally between the selected initiatives.

The Daily Karma empowers people to take immediate action towards real world problems.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”



Credits to Adam Magyar for the subway pan shots

Music: First Snow, by Emancipator