“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame but wild to run with.”  – Robert Brault

Soulmate is the result of intensiv work with the open source programming language Processing.

Many people are looking for their soulmates but never find him. But sometimes they met and then they connect to something new.  This is the philosophy behind this wallpaper and exactly this  behavior the lines are imitating. Sometimes it looks like the lines develop a unique behavior an nobody knows what they do next.

The behavior of the lines can be manipulated with a normal Webcam. Processing uses a light seeker procedure to find the brightest Spot in the Webcam Image. By using Hands or bright Objects you can change the brightness and change the way the lines move. Help the lines to met each other!

In the following video you can see a demonstration of Soulmate:

Student: Alexander Both

Advisor: Prof. Hermann Klöckner