With this project our aim is to provide an experience of space perception that involves other senses different from eyesight.
Towards the use of Synesthesia we wanted to translate the visual information into a sound experience that can be accessible to blind and visual impaired people.
Perceiving the environment and exploring it should not be an experience only supported by visual information. We can relay on the other senses too, for example like the auditory sense, which could let us have another comprehension of surroundings and create new memories.
With Sonaura, blind and sighted people will be able to have a real-time sound experience while walking through usual and unusual places.
Attractive sounds perceived during this sound experience can be captured, customised and shared with other people along your path.
Combining the vocal navigation support with a doppler effect sound navigation and a blind friendly interface, the app will allow user to walk without ting lost and have the chance to focus on their listening.

Thank you, Grazie, Gracias, Danke!
Jesie & Ele