All about that Sbass!

The aim of the class was to create generative Live_visuals for both, the „Sachsen Anhalt Tag“ in Köthen, as well as the Dessau Design Schau in Dessau.

With the theme „Space“ in mind and under the supervision of Prof. Hermann Klöckner, I created a particle system, consisting of 20.000 particles.


The particle system is created and executed in Processing.
Each of the 20.000 particles reacts to one of 512 different frequencies. These frequencies control characteristics and behavioral properties of the particles, such as speed, direction and glow.

Using a controller, a user is able to move freely between three different states:

Partikel Front

Exterior of the building


Spherical forms



These states were revised and updated for the Dessau Design Schau on the 17.07.2015.

The exterior of the building was substituted for a second sphere consisting of multiple ellipses. These rotated at different speeds; again, triggered by different frequencies.

The spiral was reworked to achieve a darker and more menacing appearance.