Anna Clark & Héctor Daniel Vargas | Supervised by Hermann Klöckner


Permacyclopedia is an app which informs and assists people in relation to gardening. The goal is to use it as a tool for nature education, as well as doing hands on gardening work. It features in depth information that is current and updated through GPS location, weather data, and farmers almanac inputs and revisions. While zooming in and out of detailed garden visualisations, exploratory tabs can be tapped. The tabs display information on Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. The information shown is contextual based on what you are looking at. Earth Care includes information about how to take care of plants. People Care shows GPS locations nearby that are relevant to what you need. Fair Share shows DIY projects and recipes. Each view can be saved or downloaded, in order to reference offline and in action. The saved information will be used to compile a special version of a personalized garden including suggested companion plants. The user can explore the garden further by scrolling through different months to see how different parts of the garden change depending on the time of year. This app teaches people in depth information about nature, and provides the resources that could help localized gardening become more widespread.