Hannes Wilke (5.Semester)
Project: »Fernsicht« – Wintersemester 16/17
Supervising prof.: Prof. H.W. Klöckner & Prof. R.Hartmann
studio director: Matthias Jüsche
Institute: Anhalt University of Applied Science – Departement of Design

Patients in hospitals are torn from their everyday life and their personal routines. The non-transparent operational processes in hospitals and the missing opportunity to access their own medical records in an easily comprehensible way, generally result in a greater feeling of insecurity and dependency.
The inherent quality of a smartTV is to make complex information easily accessible via an user-friendly interface at hardware-costs less than 100€.
The TV is a well established medium across all social classes/ age groups and is already preinstalled in nearly all of Germany’s patient’s rooms.
«next» uses these qualities and resources to tackle this lack of transparency and offers answers to two of the most common questions that patients have: “What’s happening to me?” and “What’s going to happen next?”

Hannes Wilke
email: wilkehannes@web.de
email: hannes.wilke@student.design.hs-anhalt.de



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