In this emulation I want to show, how nanorobots could first supersede our immune system and then turn against it. My intention is to spotlight the discussions about body hacking, nanorobotics and pharmaceutical engineering from the ethical view.

The questions I focused on in this project are, how artificial intelligent nanorobots could support or replace the way our body works and how a system malfunction could look like. To establish a personal connection between the visitor and the content, I decided to run the visualisation on a sample of his own blood.

For the presentation I use fake drugs, blood samples, a microscope connected via a fake camera to a PC which runs a programmed visualisation and a mouse to control the order of the program.
The emulation consists of several steps. The first step is to find a volunteer who is interested in the project and willing to give a blood sample.
The next step is to place the sample under the lens of the microscope. The image will then be transmitted through the camera on the computer monitor. Now the visitor can see his/her blood cells, some random bacteria and some nano particles gradually moving on the screen.
In the following steps the supervising student starts the program by a mouse click and by telling the visitor he now “activates the bots”. A heads-up display appears that tags all bacteria with the status “active” and an information about the total destroyed bacteria. Also, the nanorobots begin to move towards one of the bacteria and, as soon as they reach, destroy and tag it as “inactive” which increments the total destroyed bacteria prompt.
After a little while of observing the nanobots doing their intended job, the supervisor presses the mouse button again and the bots change the direction. Now they steer towards the red blood cells and destroy them. A blinking danger signal appears, indicating that something went badly wrong. The supervisor can now either trivialise the threat by saying something like “this reaction is totally normal” or “it has to be like this, it is in a stadium of development, bugs like this are completely natural”. On the other hand he can terrify the visitor by saying he should take some more pills, precautionally buy some boxes in stock if he wants to live on.
With another click on the mouse the logo of the russian company fades in.


by Don Winter, 5th semester
supervising Professor Hermann Klöckner