During the last years i used a lot of different parcel service apps and i was not happy at all. In this time you had to go through a bunch of submenus to get any information about your shipment. So i decided to search for a more efficent and better way for the user experience. During the research i thought about an option directly on your home or lock screen. You can get your information with just one click. And that is what it is all about safing and spending time with useful things in your daily life and not just waiting to get your package.

I made an reduced infographic inspired by a analog clock in 2 greytones to seperate from the black backgroundcolor. The red square shows the actual time. The yellow points show the periods and probabilities for the shipment. These two objects are much brighter for a better first view. This could be 10am or 11:30am in the morning in this case. Knowing this facts give you way more clearance to organize your day and appointments.

by Paul Oehmichen

Prof. H. Klöckner