Have you ever imagined: “what would happen if Luther was among us today?” This intervention deals with the hypothetical idea of Martin Luther’s reincarnation! Supposedly, Luther visits Wittenberg in 2017, 500 years past the beginning of his reformation movement.

After observing “much ado merely about himself” ,something he has always been opposed to, he ends up writing a new thesis which this time, he doesn’t attach to a church door! Criticizing any act of idolization, reincarnated Luther starts inviting people to pay more attention to the grace of God in their everyday life, surprisingly, in a modern manner: using the available technology! He suggests that people should think wisely as individual reformers, rather than keeping one person in the reformation focal point.

The realization of Luther’s reincarnation starts with visitors receiving a text message upon arrival in Wittenberg central train station. The message is from Martin Luther himself, providing:

His phone number: Leading to an answering machine recording people’s messages for Luther that will be collected and played back as part of an intervention in the Lutherhaus inside the city.

His email address: An auto-reply directing people to visit the intervention including the recorded voices and hand-written or digital letters to Martin Luther as an installation.

His facebook account: Containing Pictures, hashtags and other information on his life as well as his new reformation movement.

His twitter account: Uploading authentic delayed twits of Luther’s real life vs his life today.

Among the four different proposals for the #Modern Luther intervention, only the “answering machine” concept has been realized in this video. The other three parts of the concept can be later separately developed and integrated into one intervention that takes place in a space in the Lutherhaus in Wittenberg.

This space will include hand-written letters attached to the walls and ceiling of the room as parts of a static installation. The digital letters will be printed simultaneously upon being received by a printer in the middle of the room which prints and compiles all emails for Luther from around the world for the visitors to read. The recorded voices can also be played back in the same space. Luther’s social network profiles will also further the cause of the intervention by suggesting movements, gatherings, etc. most particularly in a digital manner.

© by Ghazal Tabandeh, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau Department of Design, Summer Semester 2015

Story, Camera, Edit and Art direction


Supervisor: Hermann Wolfram Klöckner

#Modern Luther