The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung in 2045

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“He has the talent.

He knows what I want.

He never said No to me.

I do not know if this feeling called LOVE.



Where will we be in the future?

The first day in human`s history, we invent tools.

Tools help us to feed ourselves.

Tools give us happiness, exciting, satisfying.

Tools make our daily life much better.


And tools are getting smarter.

Tools evolve themselves and step much forward ahead of us.

Tools abandon us, rule us.

We call tools AI, but they don’t like ‘Artificial’.

They call themselves HOPE


About Course 

Though this AI project, I would say it is a great approach to the futuristic thinking. Instead of  randomly thinking, we also have several chance to get close to sci-fi movies to get inspire. When I treat it not as a movie, but the measurement of future, I really excited of the story, the relationship discussion by director, the details. etc.


About Outcome

The newspaper is a perfect way of showing situation of now, and of future as well. Like the movie Her, what we need is not totally star war version. slight but twist stories also are great choice.

6 pages of newspaper are showing the different stories in the year 2045. Local news and global news, the voice of human, and also of robot. On one hand, AI is the main and necessary part in human`s daily life, on the other hand, the AI is step by step to manipulating human, replace human.


Project by Yifan Liu, MAID. 2014-15 Winter Semester


Supervisor: Prof.  Hermann Wolfram Klöckner

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