by Björn Renner, 2th semester
supervising Professor Hermann Klöckner

MirrorMe – The A.I.controlling system for your daily life
Together forever 24/7

The most people live in two worlds: their job and their personal life. To manage both at the same time is often very difficult because the job and the privat times are usually not stricktly separated. Sometimes you have to work overtime or you got messages from your work at your vacation. But when you spend to much time with your job business, your personal life will suffer. Children do not get the attention they needed or your partner do not felt loved anymore. So far most times it is a hard time to keep your work and your personal life at balance. To manage these you need more time you do not have. So how could this situation be fixed to make it more comfortable. More comfortable for you, for your work and especially for your loved ones.

This is the point where the MirrorMe-System comes into the game. The MirrorMe-System is a A.I.-controlling system with is especially designed to let you spend time with your family and also got all the time you need for your work. To make this possible you get an A.I.-counterpart on your side. The A.I. is part of an artificial body wich is modeld after your appearence. Even its artificial is almost not possible to distinguish from your human counterpart. The body itself is controlled (most times) by an A.I. wich is also programmed after yourself. This means it simulates your typical behaviour by analyzing your neuronal data. These data gets collected in the prozess of building your A.I.-counterpart my making an mirrorimage of your brain. With the combination of the artificial intelligence and the artificial body your counterpart is ready to work. Before going into detail lets make clear that the A.I. and the body, lets call it your mirror, is a detailed counterpart of yourself, but with boundaries. So the mirror is for example programmed to protect your children or your partner, but is not able to harm anyone physically nor harm his own body. Also the body is not built for any sexuall intercourses at all. The A.I. itself, designed after your thinking and knowledge, is especially programmed to work at your home and their surroundings, not to manage jobs and thinks you would not normally do by yourself. With that in mind lets show an example how the system works.

Lets introduce Kristina, an 38 year old architect from Notthingham, England. Kristina is the senior art architect at an major company. Because of that she‘s got to spend alot of time at work and quite often several days a week at different places all around the world. Kristina got an husband, Shaun, who is also quite busy with his work as an banksalesman, and two daughters called Ash and Celeste. Ash is 8 years old visits the primary school, Celeste is 5 years old and visits kindergarten. Because Kristina realized its almost impossible to manage to spend enough time with her loved ones and be succesfull at her job, she joins the MirroMe programm. First step was to collect physically and psychology data to design her Mirror. Once this part is finished the Mirror can be integrated into her daily life. For example Kristina has to spend several days for work at Tokyo, Japan. At this time, her mirror steps in for her. To make the system work, Kristina should leave home as it would be an usual 8 hour work day with no emotional goodbyes. At around 6 o‘clock in the evening, while she just arrives at the Tokyo airport, her mirror steps into her home as it would be an normal day of work. Ash, Celeste and her husband, aware of that it is not the real Kristina, treats her as she would be real. The mirror-Kristina now prepares dinner, talks with „her“ children about school and with Shaun about his work. Because the mirror is programmed after Kristina, it feels not uncomfortable for them. She acts and reacts as Kristina would be used to, and her cooking skills where equal. At the meantime, Kristina who arrives at her hotel in Tokyo, got a few minutes before an business meeting. She uses the time to synchronise with her mirror. To connect with „herself“ at Nottingham, she uses an small electronic device especiallly designed for herself and her mirror. By synchronising, her mind switches into her mirror, becoming a ghost inside a shell of herself. She is now not anymore in Tokyo, she‘s in Nottingham. She sees the table full of food, with Ash and Celeste on her side and her husband in front of her. She hears her voices, talking about a new song they heard. She smells the bacon beans and the meat. She feels the draft of her airconditioner. While switching into her mirror, the thoughts, actions and conversations of the last houres of the mirror immediately synchronises with her mind. Everything done and felt by the mirror seems done and felt by herself. Within seconds, she knows that Ash got an B in mathe and that Shaun‘s business meeting this morning was succesfull. At this moment, there are no Kristina and no mirror, there is just one. Shaun and their daughters don‘t realize that the „user“ of the body switched. The synchronisation is fluent and their seems no difference in their actions. Kristina, while in the body of the mirror, is able to control the body functions of her counterpart just in certain ways. This limitation helps to not breake the illusion. But Kristina, know‘s everthing is fine, don‘t need to move and switches after a few minutes back to Tokyo. After leaving and synchronising, the mirror itself also knows what she‘s done and felt the last houres ago. She is now able to adjust her behaviour and talking to the real Kristina. Over the next few days, Kristina synchronises a few times a day into her mirror, feeling like home. When she arrives days later back in Nottingham, the change from mirror to the real kristina is again fluent ans also invisible. But it is no real arriving, because Kristina actuallly never really left home…

An prototype of this concept was developed to let people experience this system. The visitor takes the role of the A.I. and his human counterpart at the same time. He takes a seat at an well-laid table, but with no other people aroun him. Hes got just an empty white board in front of him. On this board will be an video projection of „his“ family eating and taking at the same desk. A camera will capture the visitor and projects him in this scenario at real time an also with small time delay. So the visitor is the A.I. at the table and the human who switches into him a few seconds later at the same time. People should so experience how its feels to be at home but the same time to be somewhere else.