You are on your  way to work or at home – and in Meduse you will find a little moment of relaxation and distraction. Meduse is a mix of an  art and a casual game.

Among the side of the meduse you dive into a mysterious and dangerous world full of crystals and  glide into the dephts of the ocean.

But be careful with your fragile and flimsy body – you are very  vulnerable!  Look after the sharp crystals which  cross your way. Collect little gems in the water and they   will help you to  enable  unknown powers …

Destroy the crystals  and make your way through this  mysterious maze.           Always remember that a very breakable character  have to move through a venturous   world.  Prevent meduse from sadly dying alone in the  deep blue ocean….

Let abduct you and experience a slightly   different and breathtaking  world…

Software Engineering & Gameplay Design:  Anne Kanisch

Art Direction & Interface Design:  Vanessa Bisky

Animation & Concept Art:  Sven Arne Klinger,  Saskia Bartel

Text  &  Sound Design: Saskia Bartel, Margarita Rusanow

Advisors: Prof. Hermann Wolfram  Klöckner, Mathias Jüsche

Anhalt University of Applied Science