After  some  problems at the beginning, an initially very different game concept and many changes  our game Meduse has literally crystallized out. Based on the idea of  designing a high-contrast  and mysterious world of crystals, the crystals, the items that need to be collected  and of course our meduse has developed. By the way you  must know that our team also  have grown together during this process.   At the very beginning we do not really know each other really well, but  now we  complement each other pretty well. One of the hardest tasks was to create a natural  course of movements for our jellyfish. Finally we  bring it to life with processing to create the best appearance. All these little pieces    come together and  create a fantastic and melancholic   world. The appearance of the jellyfish reflects its breakable character. On the other hand  the whole world of the  game is adapted to the appearance of the jellyfish. Meduse fits very well in this world, although it  is in contrast to her at the same time.