This project is componed by three stages:

1-Fake/real signing: We will place fake signs in a way that the tourist will barely notice the difference between the real and the fake ones. People will find “Somewhere to pee”, “Nazi free area”, “Luther’s favorite bakery”, “Von den Jüden und iren Lügen” among others, all over the city. This is generated in order to create conversation topics, some are funny, some are political, and some are rather controversial.

3-Local heroes: Signings with an official appearance will be placed outside some inhabitant’s houses, in which people will read something about the resident of that place. The idea is to make a first impression that the house is an historical building.
“All jobs are important, not just the occupations of priests, monks, or nuns.” Martin Luther.

2-Ironic „non-auratic places“: Signs like “Luther never sat on this bench” will be found on the city, making the remark that the city is not just about “Luther”. This is remaining Luther’s mindset about holy places and the iconoclasm: “Rather than walk about holy places we can thus pause in our thoughts, examine our heart, and visit the wheel promised land.
All of this is made with a pinch of humor to make it more attractive.

© by Marcela González Orozco, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences,

Dessau Department of Design, Summer Semester 2015

Advisor: Prof. Hermann Wolfram Klöckner