“I am Luther”  intervention takes action on the Lutherstadt Wittenberg Hauptbahnhof.
The train station’s ceiling structure is covered by big collage of Lucas Cranach paintings. All subjects on it are looking to the same direction, driving the attention of the visitors to a central point in the area.
On the floor, a big couch invites people to seat. On the top, a big convex mirror facing straight down.
For the ones seated on the couch, as they search for the subject that all paintings are looking to, what they encounter are their own reflection.
Provoking the public to change the perspective of the heavenly figure Luther has become to the human reformer Luther, “I am Luther” calls every visitor to exchange place and be themselves Luther, the nowadays responsible for changing the world.


ImLuther01 ImLuther02 ImLuther03 ImLuther04