According to our earlier stage research in Wittenberg , we discovered this city has a long history but has no longer the vitality as it used to be. Visitor come here just to visit Luther (who is great but already gone). Which is sad, that no one cares about those people live in there.

In our daily life,we searching for something,but in the sometime ,we ignore the beauty around us.We want go to heaven just like we chase more money , chase more decent job…we have endless greed.Therefor, I want remand the people to find out the true heaven and happy in their life.

firstly,the people passing by the path will hear some voice, this voice will lead them into a direction, they walk in,and they trigger the run machine, the speed is not fast at the first time ,they could see the beautiful moment in life, also the bright “heaven”is in front. But later the machine is speed up ,they lost the ability to enjoy the moment and insanely chase  the “heaven”. Machine will suddenly stop and they runner is still in the same point that he use to ,but the great moment in his life is gone ,he even can not enjoy at that time. Then he go to the end where is the “heaven”should the door ,back to the reality .