Handy Hand (handy solutions for every limitations) 


Handy hand is an intelligence hand used as a replacement for  people who lost their hands ,it’s connected with human brain and works on the way the brain think in the other hand it has the ability and the freedom to behave in the way she wants without any orders.  After short term the hand develops itself automatically and will be able to perform without reference .


poster 1

A2 Poster_1

poster  2

A2 Poster_2

Handy handlogologo

Video Coming soon in few hours !

Project by:
Ahmad Mansee

Concept, logo, poster,Video shooting and editing.

MAID WiSe2014

Email : ahmad.a.i.mansee[at]student.design.hs-anhalt.de

Advisor: Prof. Hermann Klöckner
4D – Interaction Design


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