To prevent the sea level from rising we have to decrease our COemission. You may expect electronics or cars to cause a lot of CO2, but there’s something much worse than that. It’s water. Heating up water consumes an insane amount of energy, therefore causing a lot of CO2

Home To Ocean is a concept aiming to show you that the actions in your own household have a direct impact on the world. The smart TV app is connected to devices using or heating up water, like your shower or washing machine. Their icons show you which device is used at the moment, causing the water to flood Europe. You can switch between a view from above Europe and the view out of your own window. If you use a lot of warm water, the sea level rises. If you use less water than usual, it sinks. 



The app motivates the user to free Europe from overflooding. It’s meant for usage at home in your living room, but can also serve as a kind of flagship for public institutions and firms.

Melanie Scheer, WiSe 2016/17                                                                                                   Prof. R. Hartmann & Prof. H. W. Klöckner

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BUND (Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland), Deutsche Energie Agentur, Bayerisches Umweltministerium, Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft, Volkswagen