Ines Schreiber, Viktoria Lumnitzer, Deniz Coker

Supervised by Prof. Angela Zumpe,  Supported by Prof. Rochus Hartmann and Prof. Mechthild Schmidt (NYC)

“Neighborhoods” ein Kooperationsprojekt der Hochschule Anhalt und der New York University.

A german place in New York City (USA). A film about a small church in a big city.

Based on the topic “neighborhood”, the films about the both cities are shown in a double projection.
This short film was created in the framework of the cooperation between the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, 
Department of Design Dessau, and the NYU.

Dexter Britain Leave Well Enough Alone (Instrumental/Creative Commons)
Bach Organ Works: James Kibbie: Preludes and Fuges

Special Thanks to:
St Pauls Church (Chelsea, NY); Pastor Winfried Wassermann, Else Minnich, Petra Feuerbach
Goethe Institut NY; Brigitte Doellgast