“ellipse me!” shows my first steps with Processing. The diversity and infinity of this program made me speechless at first. So I had to concentrate and decided to deal with a simple form. The ellipse. It’s amazing what a shape like the ellipse can create. My idea was to create an organic, lifelike matter. I let it rotate, pulsate and leave traces. The result was simple but impressive. Suddenly tube-like body developed, which had organic structures. I created the natural forms and movements with the use of the sin()- and cos()-functions in my code.
Even the smallest change causes a new design.

The next step will be to make my program interactively. It should react to the viewer. My idea is that external noise affect the colors of the ellipses.

enjoy my video of the beautiful ellipses!




FH Anhalt  “integrated Design”

student: Sarah Neumann

advisor: Prof. Hermann Klöckner