Confession is a short film of Wittenberg 2017 project. “WITTENCONFESS“ machine is a combination of Confessionary and a peer to peer connection. You could feel like hitting a Jackpot, if you could talk to someone who really understand your problem and help you out of your sin.


For the Catholic Church, confession is part of the sacrament of penance. And, a priest who then, on behalf of Jesus Christ, offers absolution. But, Protestants includes direct repentance before God without the interposition of a priest. Some research found that Catholics are happier than Protestants because they get to speak their worries more often.


Thus, the idea of this WITTENCONFESS is to have people confess their sins, or speak their mind, regardless of religion barrier. Plus, the concessioners tend to get peer to peer solution more than Christian practice solution. The system works like a slot machine, with connection to other machines in worldwide. By pulling a lever, you will get a random choose of city. If you are lucky enough, you could get the person who you feel comfortable to confess with and get a good solution form him or her.


Project : Confession

Production crew : Daniel Baron, MAID 2015,

Malinee Kulrakumpusiri, MAID 2015,


Story board & Art Direction: Malinee Kulrakumpusiri

cinematographer & editer: Daniel Baron


Supervising prof. : Hermann Wolfram Klöckner

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences


Special thanks :

Starring : Marce Gonzales

Music : Marco margna

VDO source: youtube