From commuters to commuters

The most convenient app to find out train connections quickly. The commuter app is made for frequent travelers, students or professionals.

Anyone traveling by train on a regular basis can’t afford to miss the app COMMUTER. It quickly informs about train links and punctuality. Besides, I can enter delays by myself. The first commuter community that can deliver delays for other commuters.



My intention for the app was that the Deutsche Bahn-app is not updated in a short frequency and it’s use is far too complicated. I focussed on retrieving important information quickly and easily and to be informed exactly to the minute.

I built a simple and user-friendly interface to come quickly to my selected connection. Easy to use, both to find your route, and to retrieve your route fast.

You can enter delays and also retrieve other commuters delays immediately. For example, when commuter A is sitting in the train from Leipzig to Dessau and the train is 5min. late, he can quickly post this on the app and commuter B who wants to rise in Halle immediately gets a note. The alarm can be switched off again at any time. Nevertheless, you can always view all delays under “My Route”.