My task this semester was to develope parts of a visual show for a DJ-Battle at SAT in Köthen (Sachsen Anhalt Tag – a local festivity to celebrate the anniversary of Sachsen-Anhalt).

An opportunity and a challenge, because  the projection area was the “Red Building” –  centerpiece of the campus in Köthen, with a veneer  to project onto that measures around 60 meters.

Core of my approach was the idea to transform the veneer into a circuit, with a mass of wires transferring electricity, synced to the incoming music from the DJ´s.

I started experimenting with the basic concept of paths slowly growing to completion on the front of the building.

Komp 1 (0-00-04-22)

Step by step i created a layout of  layered wires that emphasizes different parts of the veneer, and added a layer of static battery-like elements where the connections are emerging from.

__3 __6__7

On a sidelane i started working on a background for the circuit. I edited old analog and digital video glitches to forge a slightly disturbing but appealing overall mood. One of the biggest constraints i noticed when i tested the first results on a beamer, was an extreme requirement of contrast. Meaning that what works on a monitor, may not work on a beamer, or on the veneer of the red building. I needed to get rid of the noise and the glitches, and from then on was aiming for a “sharper” version wich would be better readable. To add a counterpart to the square shaped wires, i created a dotted Led Matrix wich i processed from free footage in After Effects.


The comparison clearly shows the difference in contrast.

The use of combined effects helped me not only to shape the atmosphere of the design, but also to create enough contrast to work as an projection at night.

After i was satisfied with the results i exported every layer into single frame sequences and imported them into a custom made Processing Sketch.


The Sketch responds to incoming live audio from the DJ´s, and depening on the impedance, picks a shorter or longer sequence of pictures to play. Using an enviroment like Processing, and preserving every Layer from After Effects, enables the option to change the Transparency of individual Parts live, using an Ipad running Touch OSC.


I´d like to thank everyone involved in the project, and of course everyone who attended our show.

Special thanks  to Hermann Wolfram Klöckner and Mathias Jüsche for their tireless dedication and support troughout the whole project.