My name is Christian Morawe, I am studying integrated design in the 3rd semestre at the hs – anhalt university of applied sciences, dessau department of design.

black and white bubbles color1 circles comic

You can see same photographic work from me here : / photos / 124764151@N02/

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In the subject 4D I chose a lecture offered by prof. Klöckner. This course was about getting in touch with a software called processing, which is full of opportunities. Our tasks have been, at first to write a program, which generates a wallpaper. The second task has been about creating an interactiv code, which somehow integrades your environment. This makes clear the varied possibilities of processing there the graphics on the one hand as interactiv programmes on pc, on the other hand, run, however, also very well in print form can be published. I have decided on a very discreet creation to show the advantages of the programme which lie above all in the exactness and in the diversity of the single graphics.