Our body is a cosmos. Millions of parts form a functioning universe, full of chemical reactions, compounds and unique bacterias, mixed together to what we call a human beeing – fascinating. The mystery and uncertainty emanating from this Unvierse that lies within each and everyone of us, was the starting point of our game idea. The view through a microscope, a gigantic Ballet smaller particles, hard to imagine, but the basis of all life surrounding us.

In Antibody the player controls a formation of antibodies which he must navigate safely through the smallest cell structures and Membranes. On the way to their goal, the antibodies encounter obstacles and different ways to overcome them. Only when the antibodies form a unit, follow their leader, and adapt to their environment, they will survive and fulfill their mission.


Software Engineering & Gameplay Design: Benjamin Broschinski

Art Direction & Sound Design: Simon Fichtner

Animation & Concept Art: Ulrike Otto

Advisors: Prof. Hermann Wolfram  Klöckner, Mathias Jüsche

Anhalt University of Applied Science